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Design Research Process



Design Research is not just about understanding the market and your users, it's about helping you make informed and meaningful decisions for your strategic or tactical needs. Through our research process, we will be able to offer you multiple perspectives towards your business challenge, provide you with options to allow you to be more versatile with your next step forward. We won't be satisfied if it is just a me-too solution, we define innovation as solutions that are market-generating.


設計研究流程 - 背景調查

Design Research Process - Background Research


Background research seems to be a no-brainer, however this is where things are often missed. Many of our clients understand their industries inside-out, but it is also due to this fact that they often view their industries from a business only approach. We take advantage of our unfamiliarity with the subject matter and conduct all-rounded research. This not only helps our client see a overall picture of the current state of the market, but also understands how we, outsiders, will seek information regarding their line of business.


設計研究流程 - 問卷調查

Design Research Process - Survey


We dislike survey just as much as you do, that's because most of the survey methods we encounter are meaningless and do not pin point to our needs. Typical survey questions are limiting and do not reflect interviewee's experience. Therefore our survey methods are designed to embrace a wide scope of responses and able to extract meaningful traits and trends from the data collected. Our survey will not only provide you with quantitative data, but more importantly, qualitative information that will play a critical role of contributing to the research process that follows.


設計研究流程 - 人誌深度訪談

Design Research Process - Ethnographic Interview


Once we have developed a range of target user groups with identified traits, we can now narrow down to selected group of interviewees for in-depth research. We will develop a good understanding of their lifestyle situation and carefully craft questions that will lead them to share with us their needs and challenges. This will help us identify the gap between their current capabilities and their aspirations, and how we can approach the next phase of proposing solutions.


設計研究流程 - 價值主張

Design Research Process - Value Proposition


After establishing in-dept understanding of our interviewees, we can then use various tools to categorize their needs and wants, as well as their aspirations that drives their decisions. Value Proposition includes a collective desire and value that represents a particular user group, as well as guidelines for the design team to act upon in crafting precised solutions that will be truly meaningful and significant. Strategically, client will also receive tangible options, whether in business strategy or changes in business model.

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