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Design Research


To us, innovation means market-creating propositions. Before we know what to act, we need to be able to ask the right questions. Our Design Research process can help your see your market and users with a different point of view, giving you a unique leverage to make the right strategic decisions. We will take you through a thorough process of understanding the market, pin point your target users and truly understand their aspirations, turning them into game-changing strategic approaches or tactical solutions.



Design for Play and Education


Our passion in education has led us to engage in finding ways to apply design tools in helping local education. We take initiative to establish relationships with local rural elementary schools in Taiwan for long term collaborations, applying Designing Research skills to understanding learning needs, designing workshops and courses, as well as utilizing Industrial Design skills to create teaching materials or props to facilitate more effective communication. Our goal is to share our process with the world and develop innovative methods that are grounded on realistic conditions for our future generations.



Industrial Design


From concept exploration to design-for-manufacturing, product develop is our bread and butter. Our experiences range from concept explorations for possible technology applications to industrial communication devices for professional users. Whether it is fantasy based visions of the future, strict human factor-driven solutions or simply objects of beauty, we are the right team to help you.



Visual Aid for Communication


Visual Communication is our specialty and we gladly offer our skills to help you communicate your business propositions, product ideas or technical mechanisms of your products. We have provided visual graphics for needs from various industries such as marketing, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering, using tools such as diagrams for technical application process, exploded view, dissection view and story boards, to help your audience understand your intent without ambiguity.



Beyond creating designs to meet market needs, we actively engage in conversations that help us reflect upon the role we should play as designers. Through these projects, we raise questions and provide a point of view as basis for further discussions.


Conceptual Design

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